Pasticceria Reggina


Pasticceria Reggina is a small little patisserie on Grange Road in Seaton. While it doesn’t look like much from the outside, the inside is filled with cabinets full of cakes and biscuits. There are so many choices, you’ll be scratching your head as to what to have. Some of their products are gluten free and they also have a range of savoury options in the form of pies, pasties, pizza rolls and quiches.

Today, I had the Sospiri, which are two sponge cakes filled with custard and topped off with a red fruit glaze (jam) and almond flakes. The sponge cakes were soft, moist and delicate, and the custard had a subtle sweetness. The red fruit glaze had many purposes; it added sweetness, it allowed the almond flakes to stick and it added more colour to something that would have otherwise looked very plain. The almond flakes also added a nice…

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