Meet Fresh


Meet Fresh is a popular Taiwanese dessert chain that has a focus on fresh natural ingredients. The name of the store came about because the owners wanted customers to “meet” the “fresh” and healthy desserts that they had to offer. Known for the taro balls, herbal jellies, tofu puddings and cold desserts, the offerings are quite traditional, and someone not familiar with them may be scratching their head as to what they’re about to eat.

Inside Inside

For dessert, I had the Chocolate Waffle. Every customer making an order is handed a buzzer and you pick up your dessert when it’s ready. My waffle was ready 10 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. The waffle is actually a decent size and 4 times the size of what it would be elsewhere. The waffle was freshly made and piping hot when it arrived. Unlike other places, there were no chocolate pieces…

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