Funfetti Softbatch Cookies

Mikey's In My Kitchen

DSC_0121In high school I was a die hard fan of anything cake batter/funfetti flavored.

My Mom, the baker extraordinaire, would ask me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday and (secretly) cringe every time I said I wanted a funfetti from a box.

Funfetti really blew up in the early 2000’s and everyone jumped on the bandwagon. There were Funfetti Poptarts, oatmeal, Oreo’s, cereal’s, ice cream flavors, not to mention those soft batch vanilla frosted cookies that were made of plastic and you could buy at any Wal-Mart or gas station for miles. You name it, there was a funfetti flavor to be had. My friends and I would find any excuse to make a funfetti cake (mostly to eat the batter). It was an addiction.

I think at some point along the way I OD’d on some funfetti cake batter and could no longer handle the extreme…

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