Paleo Almond Butter Banana Bread {Guest Blog by Hanja}

Hi, my name is Hanja! I’m so honored to be the first official “guest blogger” on April’s site!
I’m trying very hard to cut out gluten but sometimes I just like something sweet for breakfast (see our Chia Seed Pudding recipe for alternatives!).  This was a perfect remedy to my incessant sweet tooth.  My office gets fresh fruit delivered every week and we had a bunch of bananas on Friday that would go bad if left over the weekend and…light blub idea!…time to make Paleo banana bread!
The recipe is pretty self explanatory.  The bananas I grabbed were quite large so I had at least 3 cups of banana mash in my recipe, which made the bread a little more spongy.  I meant to add some walnuts to the batter before I put it in the over but I spaced, oh well.
The next morning I ran over to April’s apartment to…

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