Chocolate Fudge Sauce & Chocolate Fudge Sundae


hot chocolate fudge sundae

Today’s post is about a chocolate sauce that was a result of overheating a chocolate frosting that I made for lamingtons. In other words a happy accident! My sauce which was runny in consistency (exactly how its supposed to be to cover lamingtons) oozed out of the jar after I forgot it in the microwave and overheated it for an extra minute. When I took it out, it had turned into this thick fudgy deliciousness – too thick for the lamingtons but delicious nonetheless. The sauce reminded me of a sundae that I, and many other Delhiites grew up eating. It is this sundae sold at a restaurant called Nirula’s and its made out of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and is called the hot chocolate fudge sundae.

SO I thought I will make the sauce like the fudge sauce and also make the sundae for this post! Now, there are…

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