Vegan Apple & Chickpea Burgers with Tahini Sauce


Who doesn’t love a good veggie burger? They are so versatile. You can add them to salads, wrap them in a tortilla or scramble them up with some eggs.  The possibilities are endless.

This veggie burger is made with mashed chickpeas and diced apples. I used cilantro, cumin and cayenne pepper to flavor the burger without adding any calories or fat. The sauce is a mixture of tahini and fresh lemon juice, which complements the burger extremely well!

I took the day off work on Tuesday to relax and focus on my blog.  I was so excited to have a full day of cooking without any distractions! Unfortunately I only got around to making this one recipe…  I couldn’t resist lying on the couch with Lucy and watching Bravo reruns.  But anyways, I love the way this burger turned out and I hope you do too!



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