Ear, Nose and Throat ( ENT ) Surgeon

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Duties and Responsibilities: doctors responsible for surgical and medical treatment of the ears, nose, and throat, anything related to the head and neck areas. Specialized skills of parapsychologists include managing disorders of the upper pharynx and oral cavity, larynx, ears, nose and nasal passage, and face and neck. Almost all ENT specialists regularly handle cases like nosebleeds, appendectomies, infected mastoids, tonsillectomies, and sinusitis.

Salary: $ 205,000

Education: Ear, nose, and throat specialists must complete at least five years of training in a surgical residency. A one-year course in general surgery and a four-year course in nanotechnology. Most start their medical education with a bachelor of science degree, but those with a bachelor of arts degree are also accepted into some medical school programs.

Reflection: I would actually not want to be a ENT Surgeon because they have deal with some sad things like kids with deformed faces and I think I would not be able to handle it. Even though i know they get paid pretty good I’m not interested because its a sad thing what they see everyday at work.


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