Ooey Gooey Rice Krispie Treat S’Mores

Styling My Everyday


What’s not to like about S’Mores? Chocolate and warm marshmallow smushed between two graham crackers, usually eaten around a bonfire with good friends. “How do you like your marshmallow?” is the question that always ensues. “Lightly toasted? Charred? On fire?”


Whenever we have friends over, we inevitably end up in the backyard around the bonfire. I always keep S’More essentials ready in my pantry to pull out at a moments notice.


The other night we had a couple coming over for dinner and I knew S’Mores were her absolute favorite thing (we talked about it last time they were over around the fire haha). I decided I wanted to take it up a notch and try something new. How could I recreate the already amazing S’More? What would go good with a S’More? …. a Rice Krispie Treat! Brilliance … I know, I know.


Start by making traditional Rice Krispie Treats but adding in…

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