White Rum and Golden Raisin Ice Cream. A rum affair and the Aniversary Schmaltz with you…

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White rum and golden raisin ice cream. A rum old affair

rum and raisin 4 © www.ice-cream-magazine.com..  rum and raisin © www.ice-cream-magazine.com.

Whats under your desk?

“My parents reside under my desk, next to a posh, black patent, framed hand bag, a cat adoption box and a woofer.” Stunned silence. “Your parents?” “Yes, they were very together in life, they rarely went anywhere without me so they are snuggled under my desk, still close without a hugely macabre scenario. The adoption box is on top of them, (he used to like sitting on their laps) and the woofer belongs to a wicked sound system. Discuss?”

rum and raisin 9© www.ice-cream-magazine.com..  rum and raisin 14 © www.ice-cream-magazine.com

“You’re quite mad!”

“I don’t keep my all briefs under my desk! That’s mad!” Chortle, chortle. “My Father has been there for a decade and Mum joined him, it’s not as if I keep a shrine or take them out for dinner, once a week?” We are all going to be a tree, I…

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