Acts of kindness . . .

  • opening the door for someone
  • help elderly people cross the street
  • let the person in back of you go first
  • pay for someones meal
  • donate your things
  • greet people
  • buy something for people who cant afford something
  • ask elderly people if they need help with anything
  • give someone a ride if they don’t have a car
  • when you see animals in the street don’t be cruel to them
  • if someone is cold let them barrow your sweater
  • take out the trash without someone telling you to
  • give money to hobo’s
  • dont be rude to people that annoy you
  • smile at  everyone
  • when someone ask for your help say yes
  • be honest to people
  • always make sure that your loved ones are okay
  • let the older person take a seat
  • respect your elders
  • never be disrespectful to your parents. .

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