Hummingbird Cake with Whipped Coconut Frosting

The Pink Rose Bakery

Hummingbird Cake 2 - The Pink Rose Bakery Come in, take a seat, make yourself at home, I’ve made cake.

It seems ages since I last made a cake, as in a round with frosting cake. I thought it was about time. Especially after this weekend, which can be summarised thus:

  • Broken – one silicone spatula (wedged in a batch of cookie dough) and one cat food fork (which flew across the utility room leaving a trail of tuna flakes in its wake).
  • Steam Burns to Left Index Finger – Two (it probably thinks I have something against it now).
  • Lacerated Right Knee and Top of Shin – One.
  • Small Yet Deep Puncture Wound to Left Thigh – One.
  • Number of Cakes Made – Two.

It you are a cat owner, you probably have some idea how points 3 and 4 came about. There I was, sitting down for 30 minutes of mindless television watching in the afternoon…

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