Turkey Burgers on Homemade Pretzel Buns

Styling My Everyday

Pretzel Bun-5505

One of our very favorite things to make is turkey burgers (my recipe HERE). We literally have them once a week. They are super simple to make, fun to throw on the grill, delicious and healthy.

Pretzel Bun-5467

I make them so often that I have to come up with new ways to make them fun and interesting—like this time I made them into sliders for the Super Bowl. I few months ago I made soft pretzels and used the left over dough to make pizza crust. It was amazing and Jacobs and I both said, “wouldn’t this be good as a hamburger bun?”

Pretzel Bun-5495

Last night I did just that—make soft pretzel hamburger buns and they were not only beautiful but tasted amazing. I can’t wait to make them again! Next time I am going to make a bunch, bake them and freeze them so we can just pull them…

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