When You Tell One Lie

When you tell one lie

by Paul Hatch

When you tell one lie, it leads to another

So you tell two lies to covereach other

Then you tell three lies and, oh brother,

You’re in trouble up to your ears!

So you tell your four lies to try to protect you

Then you tell five lies so folks won’t suspect you

Then you tell six lies and you’ll collect

A life file filled with worries and fears

Cause you can’t remember how many lies you’ve told

And half the things you say aren’t true

And sometime you’ll slip up, trip up, and then

Whatever will become of you?

So you lie and lie without even trying

And each lie you tell will keep multiplying

‘Till the whole wide world will know you’re lying

Then you’ll be






And you should!

When you lie, your closing the door

On everything good.


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