Potato Pancakes with Beetroot, Rocket and Feta

The Pink Rose Bakery

Potato Pancakes Main - The Pink Rose Bakery A week today, next Tuesday, the 4th March, is Shrove Tuesday; aka pancake day!

So this week I thought I would share with you two pancake recipes – one savoury and one sweet.

Now, there is nothing wrong with traditional sugar and lemon, or even Nutella (or if you are my sister – triple layers of pancake, Nutella, sliced banana and squirty cream), but sometimes it is good to ring the changes, do something a bit different.

These pancakes contain mashed potato, which makes them more dense and a bit fluffier than traditional pancakes. The cooked beetroot is fried in butter with a splash of balsamic vinegar, honey and fresh thyme to bring out the sweetness, which contrasts delightfully with the tangy saltiness of the feta and the peppery-ness of the rocket (is peppery-ness a word? Apparently not, auto-correct wants to change it to peppery-nests. Does anyone know what a…

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