Texas Sheet Cake Cupcakes with Marshmallow

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Texas Sheet Cake Cupcakes with Marshmallow

Neighborhood party tonight and I get to make food for it!  Woo Hoo!  I’m making a lot of things so I’m going to try and post throughout the day so that I can keep up.  I’m doing a whole dips and dipables bar and then several different kinds of cupcakes for dessert.  These look like a winner, I haven’t tried one so I can’t tell you how they taste yet but I can tell you that they smell divine!  It’s a “Six Sisters’ Stuff” recipe which I modified a bit, you’ll see how when you get down to the marshmallow part.  Speaking of the Six Sisters, next weekend I get to go to their “Build Your Blog Conference” and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  One of my goals this year is to try and grow my blog a bit so the conference is my first step towards that…

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