Nursing Home Administrator

7071194218-nursing home

Duties and responsibilities: Nursing Home Administrator’s plan and direct operations of the nursing home based on policies established by the owner or governing board, they also direct the hiring and training of employees. And they direct the activities of the medical, nursing, technical, clerical, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance, social service, activity, and volunteer staff.Maintain and develop standards, policies, programs, and operating procedures which comply with federal and state regulations. Administer budgets and service rates. They prepare official reports for the nursing home’s governing body and state and federal agencies.

Salary: $87000

Education: Must complete a program of study or complete a nursing course, take an exam. they also need to pass the NAB, they need one year of experience, then after that they can obtain their license.

Reflection: I would consider becoming a nursing home administrator because I like to help people and it doesn’t require that much studying. But I think you need to have patience and I’m not patient at all.


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