brownie-bottom vanilla truffled cupcakes

cupcakes & high heels

I have to say January is probably my least favorite month of the year. 1After virtually non-stop celebrating from Thanksgiving to New Years, January is a month spent trying to adjust back to normalcy. Except I always need something to look forward to and plan and Valentine’s Day is the next holiday that provides just that. Regardless of whether you have a Valentine or not, any holiday that revolves around wearing pink, eating sweets and chocolate, and the abundance of heart-shaped everything is the definition of an amazing holiday in my book.2These cupcakes are probably, maybe, just a little bit of a sugar overload, but after a month of sticking to resolutions they’re also a much needed way to combine all types of cravings in a short period of time. After all, that’s just another benefit of Valentine’s Day– a welcome cheat day and reason to abandon healthy eating…

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