Manhattan Beach Post

Mama's Gotta Bake

So here’s the strategy before you go to MB Post in Manhattan Beach, California, do not eat the day before. It’s comfort food extraordinaire, just liked you mama would have made if she’d been a world-class chef.

My husband and I were invited down to Manhattan Beach for Sunday brunch with our good friends L & L. “L” (the husband from the team of L & L) is quite the culinary explorer. He introduces us to many of the tasty and interesting restaurants the city has to offer that we may not have otherwise found on our own. They had been to MB Post for brunch before, and they thought we would enjoy the experience also.

It was tough to get a reservation, but we were able to get a table at 10am when they opened their doors. By 9:45 there was a line half-way around the block so I…

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