Around Town: Jack’s Wife Freda, New York City

A Dash of Cinema

jack's wife freda

If you ever find yourself in Soho, New York, make your way to Jack’s Wife Freda for lunch. It’s a small little space with crowded tables but amazing food. I highly recommend the mint lemonade and egg salad sandwich in pita bread with crisp french fries. The restaurant can get crowded, but if you arrive a little later than the lunch crowd, you should be just fine. Jack’s Wife Freda is a great place to catch up with friends or to go solo with a book. Also, they have the cutest little sugar packets with phrases such as “Gimme Some Sugar” and “Sugar for my Honey.” It’s all about the attention to details, and you’ll definitely find cute details here.

P.S. Another small New York City restaurant.




{Photos by Lauren}

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