Health Sciences Librarian


Duties and responsibilities: Health science librarians collect and organize medical information. They also help the practitioners choose the certain care as patient needs. They also input data or information in the data system.

Salary: $35,000 – $55,000

Education: Students should take challenging high school courses in information management, science, math, and English. Health sciences library technician training varies by employer.  Some provide on the job training, but all prefer that students complete library technician programs at a community college or technical school.  Associate’s degrees can be earned in many of these programs. Health Science Librarians should earn an undergraduate degree in one of the life sciences and must earn a master’s degree in library science.  Some library science graduate programs offer specialized courses in health science librarianship.

Reflection: Personally i would not like to beco0me a health science librarian because I’m not really interested in the medical field.



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