Industrial Hygienist


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Duties and responsibilities:

  • they determine appropriate monitoring and sampling strategies, if indicated, and conducts these activities
  • Maintains, operates, and calibrates a variety of sampling and monitoring equipment
  • Evaluates and interprets monitoring and sampling results, makes determinations, and develops corrective strategies
  • develop and administers occupational safety and health training
  • Evaluates University compliance with applicable federal or state safety codes


Salary: $77,857

Education: must have a high school ¬†diploma or GED. go to college and take challenging courses. an bachelor’s degree and need to pass an exam successfully to be a certified industrial hygienist.

Reflection: personally I won’t like to be a industrial hygienist because I don’t find it to be interesting. I don’t want to be going to for a log time so i would rather do something else. It might be a good paying job but i won’t be able to handle all the schoooling they do to be able to finally be a industrial hygienist.




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