Bread Lounge & Handsome Coffee Roasters

Mama's Gotta Bake

I suppose food is my hobby, and, a hobby that I’m quite passionate about.  I love everything about food. I love to make it, photograph it, write about it, talk endlessly about it, meet chefs, talks to chefs, and to travel far and wide to find the best products and dishes a gal can eat. If someone told me they had found the best ice cream, pizza or sushi, then I make it my mission to search out that place and see for my self what the brouhaha is all about.

Recently I turned to my friend Gail, as we were out on one of our weekly culinary re-con missions, and asked her, “are you willing to drive over an hour for what I hear is incredible bread and some seriously good coffee?” She quickly gave me the thumbs up.  So, off we went, barreling down the 101 freeway headed…

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