how to: rose cake decoration tutorial

cupcakes & high heels


One of my favorite ways to decorate a simple cake is to add tons of roses. It looks way more complex than it actually is to do and it almost too pretty to eat. Keyword here being almost. In actuality, with just a little practice this technique is actually quite simple to replicate.2

Step One: Apply a thin layer of icing to catch any crumbs from the actual cake and conceal the color of the cake so it doesn’t show through. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes to let it set. 


Step Two: Starting with the sides of the cake, use a 1M tip and frosting in a piping bag. Starting from the center move the icing bag in a circular motion until it spans around the edges of the cake. Try to end the roses in the same place each time. Repeat until you’ve gone all the way around the…

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