The Squishing of the Squash

SquishYou might look at this title and wonder what the heck is this annual event is all about? Well, here’s the story straight from the Zoo’s website.

The Oregon Zoo’s annual Squishing of the Squash, in which some of the world’s largest land animals demolish some of the area’s largest pumpkins, will be held Friday, Oct. 25, at 10:30 a.m. “At the Squishing of the Squash, our elephant herd will receive several big pumpkins to pulverize,” said zoo event coordinator Krista Swan. “It’s great fun for them, and fun to watch as well — so bring your camera.”

The Squishing of the Squash is a precursor to the zoo’s Howloween celebration on Saturday, Oct. 26, and Sunday, Oct. 27. Events include a fun scavenger hunt that directs trick-or-treaters to easily accessible activity stations throughout the zoo. Goodie bags filled with candy and prizes await scavenger-hunters at the zoo’s exit.


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