Just Here for the Food: Belgium and Switzerland

We Dont Miss The Cats

Our twelfth edition of “Just Here For the Food” features the cuisine from our brief visit to Belgium and our first day in Switzerland.  Included in the gallery are answers to questions like What does a Belgian Waffle look like?”,  “What do they eat at the UN?”, and “If they served breakfast in heaven, what would it look like?”.

As previously mentioned, we really liked the Belgian waffles.  They really were a unique taste worth trying and worth the hype.  The french fries?  Well, french fries are like ice cream: good or even great most places you go.  The ones we tried were no exception.  I can’t say that topping them with beef stew was any sort of culinary revelation.  We still do not know what the long meaty “thing” that came with our fries was.  Annie thought it was supposed to be some form of currywurst, but it tasted…

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