class presentations on the history of the internet

Lizet Rios & Carlos Reyes:

  • was designed in 1973 and published in 1974.
  • it gets the information spread very fast all around the world
  • by 1964 computers were more accessible and affordable to the public
  • computers are now part of our daily life
  • now a days even phones have internet

Amanda Pantoja & Alex Pacticio:

  • without the internet our world would not be this modern as it is today
  • started in 1957
  • only existed for about 57 years

Ismael Ramos & Mario Guerrero:

  • the purpose of the internet was to create a communication system via network.

Anthony Gomez & Scott Zuniga:

  • it all started in the 1950’s
  • the first host computer was connected in UCLA in 1969
  • late 1990’s the internet was more common in peoples homes
  • Vint Cerf is considered one of the fathers of the internet
  • it’s a source of communication and also used to inform

Melissa Perez & Alejandra Ponce:

  • no single inventor
  • it continues to develop over time
  • original name was ARPANET
  • 1974 first home computers came out
  • 1991 the world wide web was created
  • 1971 the first email was sent
  • some negatives about the internet is that is can be addicting
  • and it also makes us lazy
  • less productive

Damien De La Rosa & Jonathan V.

  • we use the internet to entertain yourself, inform, communicate, and many more

Alex Franco:

  • the internet is a world wide communication device
  • you can quickly access data
  • internet makes a lot of money
  • 2010 Google made $10.7 billion

Steve & Marcos:

  • the internet is very advanced compared to back in the days when in first came out
  • the internet was not from a single inventor
  • the internet was meant for it to be a world wide communication device

katherine & Juan Perez:

  • since the 1990’s the internet has had a huge a impact in the world today
  • there was no single inventor but Vint Cerf was one of the main inventor of the internet
  • the internet was created to be social
  • we use the internet for various reasons

Denise Montezuma & Jerry Marquez:

  • the idea of the internet was introduced by Leonardo
  • back in the days computers were very big and they looked like boxes in a way
  • it was created in 1984
  • each day about 20 million people “tweet”
  • high school students spend six times more than they do on their homework on the internet

Raul Moreno & Daniella:

  • it all began with the development of technology ion the 1950’s

Israel, Natalie & Diana Escamilla:

  • it all started in Geneva, Switzerland
  • over 75% of all email messages are considered spam
  • about 250 emails are sent every second



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