Pumpkin Biscotti


Pumpkin Biscotti

More stuff with pumpkin! This time its somewhat more main stream pumpkin recipe – but delicious nonetheless. I didn’t use the regular fall/pumpkin pie spices in this recipe and instead I added some almond meal (ground almond) and vanilla extract. But if you like the pumpkin pie spices, then by all means use them instead of vanilla.

Its important to use brown sugar in the recipe as the flavors work really well with the molasses that comes from it. You could experiment with some maple syrup instead but that might tamper with final texture of the biscotti.

Use white chocolate or dark chocolate to drizzle on the biscotti or skip it completely. I think the dark chocolate really enhances the the flavor and also makes the cookie look more Halloween-ish!

On a side note – I’ve been busy on a very exciting new project. You will see it soon on…

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