summary of the sting of the scorpion

Summary: a family was out camping in the desert and one morning the kid wanted to go out and explore. His parents told him repeatedly to wear shoes to protect him from the animals. Well the kid knew that by them saying shoes they meant tenni shoes, but he didn’t want to wear them so he decided to wear his flip flops instead. So he leaves in his flip flops and starts walking around and suddenly he feels a sting on his foot. When he looks down it was a scorpion, he starts yelling as the pain starts spreading through his leg. His parents go running to help him when they hear him yelling and they take him to the nearest hospital which was about 2 hours away. When they get there they say that only the mal-nourished kids get effected by it. He felt better after.

Reflection: Even though the kid knew what was right, he chose to not do it and he chose the wrong. If he would of put his shoes on he wouldn’t have gotten stung, But there’s consequences for everything you do, and he chose the wrong. If you chose to do something that you know is then mostly something bad will happen after that because if you do bad things only bad things come after that.


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