revisits: our favourite café. ♥

foodforchu ♥

revisits: our favourite café. ♥
k: annnnnd we’re back. ; ) no place consistently does good coffees like msm.
d: teeeheeee CAN’T KEEP US AWAY MSM .

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Weigh In

Lion Cub In CupA 12 day old african lion cub is weighed on a scale during a veterinary check at the Oregon Zoo. The original photo was taken by Michael Durham, the official photographer for the Portland, Oregon Zoo.

I believe this photo was taken before the names for the cubs were selected. This looks like Kamali, the runt of the litter, who needed help early in her life. She was hospitalized and carefully nursed back to health before being returned to her family. She is doing much better as her mama, Neka, instantly accepted little Kamali and began cleaning and nursing her.

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Little Gus Portrait

I was about as far away from Gus, a newborn De Brazza monkey, as I could be when I took this photo yesterday. He was just sitting at the very entrance to his outside entrance to his habitat. That was a very dark area so with the heavy crop this isn’t the sharpest photo I’ve ever taken.

Still, after processing, I like the portrait enough to keep it. The expression and body english just capture a serene moment of introspective deep thought that I find appealing. He looks so very young, alone and vulnerable here.

I processed in two different ways, as a pure black & white and as a partial monochrome image. The color shift in the dark enclosure caused a blue cast picked up from the pad on the enclosure floor. I removed the cast and kept the blue pad in one version while removing all color in…

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reflection on the internet

i find the internet to be very helpful. It has changed a lot over the years and has gotten better within time. In our society the internet is part of our everyday life, without it everything would be so different. I could not imagine my life without the internet because I’m so use to it. Even when i was in elementary my classrooms had  those big box looking computers. In my generation the internet plays a big influence in our actions and how we see the world.

Student Success Statement

” I wasn’t trying to leave a legacy. I was trying to do what was right. “

-Dean Smith

Reflection: this man didn’t choose the right  because he wanted to become famous and known for it, he did it because it came from his heart to do it. Dean Smith was a very smart educated man and he knew that if he wanted to he could of been like everyone else and not give Mr. Haymore those football tickets. But Smith had a kind heart and he decided to give them those free tickets even if he didn’t know who those people were. Choose the right always and greatness will come upon you.