Clinical technologist


Clinical technologists perform more complex laboratory tests and procedures than technicians. They also supervise technicians, confirm their test, and manage laboratory quality control programs.

Most clinical laboratory specialist work in hospitals, but they are also employed by private practices, medical groups, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and universities.

Average salary: $20,000 (clinical laboratory technicians)

$25,000-$40,000 (clinical technologist)

Educational requirements:

Students should take the most challenging high school courses in science, math, and English. An associate’s degree in the field or completion of a specialized in-house training program is required to become a clinical laboratory technician.

A bachelor’s degree in the field is normally required to become a clinical technologist; however some employers accept an associate’s degree and extensive clinical experience as a substitute. Many technologists pursue additional graduate education or specialized training to advance their clinical chemistry, blood banking and microbiology.



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