Allopathic physician (M.D)

Part 1

Duties and responsibilities:

Allopathic physicians, M.D.s, are medical doctors who treat diseases and injury using counteractive methods. For example, they will prescribe antibiotics to kill bacteria that have caused an infection. Allopathic physicians often work in public or private hospitals or clinics and many have private practices. Their work hours can be long and irregular. Although many allopathic physicians become internists, generalist, or family practitioners, most specializes in other medical fields.

Specialties include:

  • Anesthesiologist – administers anesthesia
  • Cardiologist – treats heart disease
  • Dermatologist – treats skin conditions
  • Gastroenterologist – treats digestive problems
  • Gerontologist – provides care for elderly
  • Gynecologist – treats female reproductive system problems
  • Neurologist – treats brain and nervous system problems
  • Obstetrician – provides pregnancy care and delivers babies
  • Oncologist – treats cancers
  • Orthopedist – treats skeletal problems
  • Pathologist – interprets disease in tissues
  • Pediatrician – provides care for children
  • Pulmonologist – treats respiratory problems
  • Surgeon – performs operations
  • Urologist – treats urinary problems

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